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Another A&E Milestone Achieved

Kees de Mooy introduced a resolution to the Town Council on Monday evening March 15 to approve the tax incentives required to apply for the A&E District designation including a 100% property tax credit for ten years for new or… Read More »

A&E Site Visit Update

It was an exciting day.  A room full of supporters for the A&E District designation met with the state three-person A&E team at Town Hall this morning at 11:00.  The team’s stated objective for the site visit was to determine if Chestertown… Read More »

GCI Meeting on Monday, March 2 at JR's

Our next GCI meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 2 at JR’s in the Piano Bar from 4:30 to 6:00.  The major agenda topic is our upcoming site visit from the Maryland State Arts Council folks for our A&E district… Read More »

GCI Meeting on February 2 at JR's

The GCI will meet on Monday, February 2 at JR’s in the Piano Bar from 4:30 to 6:00.  Kees de Mooy will join us to update the grant progress, share the proposed map for the A&E district and proposed tax incentives.  Read More »

GCI Meeting on January 5 at KidSPOT

The GCI will meet on Monday, January 5 at KidSPOT from 4:30 to 6:00.  The major topic will be an update on the A&E District application and the role GCI will play as an advisory board for the A&E District.  Read More »

GCI Meeting on December 1 at the Bordley Center

The GCI will meet on Monday, December 1 at the Historical Society’s Bordley Center from 4:30 to 6:00.  Jeff Grotsky will brief us on the research he has done about the tax incentives for an A&E District.  Other agenda topics… Read More »

Great News!

Great News.  Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Chris Cerino, the Town Council reached consensus tonight to move forward with the Arts & Entertainment District application.  They authorized Kees deMooy with the support of  GCI to write an application that… Read More »

Great News

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GCI Requesting Town Apply for an Arts and Entertainment Designation from MSAC Monday, November 3 at Town Council Meeting

Lani Seikaly will make a formal request on behalf of the Greater Chestertown Initiative at the Chestertown Town Council meeting on November 3 for the town to apply for the Arts and Entertainment District designation in early 2015.  Application can… Read More »

GCI Meeting on November 3 at RiverArts

The GCI will meet on Monday, November 3 at RiverArts from 4:30 to 6:00.  We’ll be discussing the Arts and Entertainment District designation request, a DCA update on their new survey of economic impact of our big events. our 2015… Read More »

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